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Tirage argentique réalisé à la main par l’artiste sur papier fine art.
Cadre bois noir.
Exemplaire unique
32 cm x 42 cm

Sinead is and will always be so Alive. I’m one year older than her, both born in 1966. In
2014 I got to meet her backstage and smoked a joint with her and got to know her a
little bit. I asked her if I could come photograph her and she surprisingly said Yes! So I
popped on tour with her in Europe and got some incredible photographs. This was mag-
ical for me because in 1988 her first record, Lion and the Cobra had come out, I had just
made my first darkroom, and would flip her record over, on repeat, listening to it while
in the darkroom. Sinead is bad ass, she always was and will be. Beautiful honest kind
protector, a universal mother to all of us survivors.